Terms of Service

  1. Acceptance/Notice of Terms

This Terms of Service Agreement is a contract between Jobssigns.com (the company) and you (the user). We provide resources for job seekers who visit our site. This agreement governs your use of our resources and site. Make sure that you have read the agreement fully and understand it. Only access this site if you understand and agree to this agreement. By accessing jobssigns.com or using our resources, you will agree to accept our terms of services.

The terms, conditions and disclaimers on jobssigns.com have general application and can be supplemented by additional terms or conditions on any page of this site.

  1. Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us. We will keep on striving to protect the confidential as well as personal information of those who use our services. The user information collected by the servers is safe with us and we are always concerned about its privacy.

  1. Access to Services of Jobssigns.com

We currently provide resources and information to the job-seekers, with the purpose of guiding them. The information provided may be applicable to certain jobs, people and countries. Moreover the material and information on our site may not be used as any sort of legal reference in any court of Law.

If you wish to subscribe to our services or newsletter, you will be required to provide us with your email address. This is subject to the terms of service of any third party provider of email alert service. We assure that we will only use your personal information for the above mentioned purpose.

  1. No Prohibited or Unlawful Use

As a condition to use our site, you agree that you will not permit or use any third party for any purpose which is prohibited or unlawful by these terms. If you violate these terms, your permission to make use of our resources or site is terminated automatically. Moreover you can be sued on any relevant platform.

The above mentioned prohibited or unlawful activities include the following, but are not limited to only these:

  • Disseminating harmful, libellous, obscene or objectionable material;
  • Promoting racism, nudity, hatred, bigotry or any other offensive or objectionable things on the site;
  • Promoting illegal or criminal activities;
  • Defaming the site or any of its user;
  • Making use of software, algorithms or data-mining technologies to conduct any objectionable process;
  • Transmitting any material containing worms, viruses, Trojan horses, cancelbots, timebombs or any other codes which may cause harm to the site or any of its other user;
  • Advertising and promoting any sort of commercial content on the site;

Apart from all this you also agree to abide by all the laws applicable, whether local, provincial, federal or online. If you violate any of the above conditions then legal action may be taken against you.

  1. Third Party Links

While browsing jobssigns.com, you will see advertisements and third party links. We do not provide any warranties or assurance of the content, services or products on the links. Moreover we do not take any responsibility of any information provided on those links. The inclusion of such link on jobssigns.com does not mean that we endorse it or have reviewed it. Also please be aware that when you click on any link and leave our site, you will be subjected to the terms of service and privacy policy of the new site. Where we offer third party content or ads, we will mention it for your convenience.

  1. Cookies

Our site my use cookies. These are used to make sure that the user experience on our site is seamless. Cookies are small text files which are stored on the hard disk of your computer. This is done for the purpose of keeping record. Cookies are of two types; session cookies or persistent cookies. The session cookies will expire as soon as you close the browser that you are using. The persistent cookies will be stored on your computer for longer period of time. If you are not comfortable with it, you have the choice to decline or delete cookies through your browser setting. Moreover if you still reject the cookies, you will still be able to surf jobssigns.com.

  1. Our Commitment

These terms of service are meant to serve and protect the visitors of our site in a better way. We will keep striving to protect your personal data and make sure your browsing experience is safe and seamless on jobssigns.com.

However if you have any concerns or further questions, please contact us.