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Getting  jobs in USA is competitive. In the job market, the National Association for Business Economic claims that the unemployment rate in the USA fell approximately 4.7% by the fourth quarter for non farm employment. That’s nearly 210,000 employment opportunities, or jobs, currently in the USA. The companies hiring are the assets to the US, but because they are the ones hiring, the employers are the true asset.


Jobs in USA: working and growing in a career you’ll enjoy


There are great jobs USA. They pay well, they’re challenging, and with talent and skills, you can land one in the majority of the big cities, and small, if you research them well. You have to know what you are looking for. You can advance while still balancing your life with work.


There’s always going to be that one job that suit us all individually, but US News’ list for 2016 has ranked 100 Best Jobs in USA for this year.


How the best jobs in USA are ranked is the following:


The employment data which is one of the main targets to look for when ranking them is the one with the “highest projected number of openings” (2014 through 2024).


The median salary (30%) and the employment rate (20%) plus, the 10 yr. growth volume (15 percent) and percentage (15 percent). Another element of ranking the best jobs  in USA are job prospects (10 percent) and the stress level (5 percent); including the work-life balance (5 percent).


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics put these jobs in USA on top of the list amongst the top 100 Best Jobs for 016.
Orthodontist – These are the experts in dental problems. Most people will get their mouths and jaws examined by them, get braces and simply to keep their teeth functioning along with the entire mouth and jaw area.


Computer software engineer -This field is in demand and it’s outlook is expected to grow by 21% in a couple of years. They deal with mainframes for big corporations or companies, institutions and even small companies.


Dentist – What they are special at is recognizing, as well as treating teeth problems such as the mouth area: teeth and gums. Filling in cavities, forming dentures, and extractions are common.


Nurse Anesthetist – You wouldn’t want to go under surgery without this. This is a demanding job. They are considered the highest quality of health care, including being effective providers for patients.


Physician Assistant – These medical professionals diagnose the illnesses and carry out a medical treatment plan for patience. They carry out them by assisting surgeons and, also, performing techniques and procedures. Guiding patients is very common for these medical experts.


Nurse Practioner – Normally, practitioners possibly worked as an RN, or registered nurse. They treat patients which can be from holistic care to wellness care. They provide primary medical assistance, similar to a physician. The difference from the two are considered to be education in general.


Psychiatrist – The “mind doctor”, as most people will call them, get treat patients mental problems, issues, while of working to prevent other related mind or mental health issues. After they’ve received the right education to become a psychiatrist, they are then ready to understand and treat the difficult relationships of the body, and especially the mind.


Almost all these positions are considered in demand and are some of the best jobs in USA. Here are some other jobs that are on the list of the best in jobs in USA or in-demand in the USA.



-Obstetrician and Gynecologist

-Software Developer

-IT Managers

-Construction Workers

-Statistic’s Analyst


Location and populated cities


The jobs in USA employment truly vary, but it seems that the construction, medical, and computer technology fields is where it’s leads to for the top jobs in USA. They all have a high income and benefits for the most part such as great insurances and IRA / retirement packages. Being a college graduate makes a critical part of landing a job in USA. Where you live plays a big part also. The most populated cities seem to have tons of jobs, as well. Finally, there are many self-made entrepreneurs that still landed their own business and became successful when working in the USA, the “land of the free, home of the brave.” Consequently, almost all these jobs in USA mentioned above bring in more than $60K – $200K, annually, according to US News and World Report.