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Jobs in UK

Jobs in UK

Are you looking for the jobs in UK ? The UK is looked at as a good destination for people looking for good jobs in the UK with good pay. The jobs in the UK range from those for unskilled workers to experts in different fields. Here is a list of some of the available jobs in UK.

Social Workers

This is a very common job for trained foreigners. The UK advertises jobs for social workers every year and it is open to people who have had training in social work as well as nursing. This job involves dealing with the elderly who may be too old to do certain things on their own but also do not wish to stay in homes for the old. It takes a lot of patients as well as the desire to help people.

Software engineering

A number of software companies are setting up in the UK which means there are a number of Jobs in the UK in this field. The competition for these jobs is quite high so it is important that you are very good at what you do in order to get employed by these companies. Some of the companies that offer employment include Google, Facebook, and Uber which have all setup offices in the UK.


Security is a major concern in the UK and so the government is always trying to have as many police officers on the street to keep them safe. The UK police advertise a number of Jobs in UK for police officers. It helps if you have experience in security but it is also possible to undergo training in order to become one. You will need to be fit and healthy to be able to qualify for this job. They also do a background check on applicants to ensure they are not criminals.

Translators at the Airport

For foreigners who know both English and the language from their native country, it is possible to get jobs in UK working as a translator at the airports for the border patrol. A number of people come to the UK but are unable to speak good English so the immigration department hires people to translate to these people. This is often for people trying to get asylum in the UK who may need to be interviewed. Some of the languages that are marketable in this job include Arabic, African dialects as well as European languages.


There are thousands of restaurants spread across the UK and all these are an opportunity to get jobs in UK as a chef. Many of these restaurants employ people who are able to cook both local foods as well as international foods especially those from the Far East. A job as a chef is rewarding financially especially if you are working for a big or fancy restaurant.

These are some of the common jobs in UK that provide an opportunity for foreigners as well as natives to get a good pay.

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