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Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Irresitible Jobs In Suadi Arabia That Are Worth Applying

Are you looking for the Jobs in Saudi Arabia? Would you like to work in Arabian countries? Well. Here is good news. There are a number of job vacancies in Suadi Arabia. You can apply today and grab the opportunity that will surely change your life especially if you are jobless. These job vacancies are classified in different categories. It is upon you to choose depending on your credentials and area of expertise. Wait no more. Apply today. Maybe luck is on your side. These are the jobs in Saudi Arabia.


1. Sales Associate


When you apply for this job, you will work in Alrashed Mall, Khobar.

These Are The Responsibilities

Re-arranging and organizing merchandise to ensure that they are neatly and excellently displayed.

Cleaning shelves, counters , racks and tables

Preventing theft and damage to merchandise

Providing product information such as price and location to customers

Providing customers with any assistance they require.

Ensure smooth operations in the mall



High school certificate

Fluent in both English and Arabic.

Experience in fashion store

Excellent knowledge in customer service


2. Airport Services Manager


Qatar Airways is the employer. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in Saudi Arabia.




Ensuring that airport operations run smoothly and effectively

Ensuring that customers are provided with 5 star service

Training staff

Implementing working schedules

Ensuring compliance with labour laws

Making sure that operations are within the budget

Monitoring airport use agreements as well as rental agreements

Implementing controls where necessary




High School certificate

Any aviation related management qualification

3 years of experience as airport manager

Extensive knowledge in airport operations

Fluent in English and Arabic


3. Textile Engineer


This job opportunity is in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.




Analyzing and improving manufucturing methods

Improving methods of manufucturing using new and existing equipment

Evaluating equipments and making improvements where necessary

Working with vendors to determine product specifications

Minimize risks in the company especially when new products are introduced

Understand and ensure compliance with good manufucturing practices

Foster creativity in design and development of new products




Experience in textile manufucturing

Excellent leadership skills

Quick learner

Ability to meet deadlines

Detail oriented

Flexible and adaptable

4. Laboratory Supervisor


Amarai is the name of the company. It is the largest intergrated dairy food company in the world. Laboratory supervisor is one of the best jobs in Saudi Arabia.


These Are The Responsibilities


Analysing samples such as forage, soil, forage , water e.t.c accurately and timely by following set procedures and standards

Ensuring that samples are received, registered and stored properly to prevent errors.

Conducting various types of analysis to meet quality standards

Maintaining set procedures and protocols

Standardizing reagents to produce consistent results




Atleast 5 years of experience working in Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Degree in Chemistry

Ability to work independently

Parting Shot

The above are some of the best jobs in Saudi Arabia. Don’t wait. Apply. This could be your chance to land on a well paying job. Good luck.



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