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Jobs in Gulf


Jobs in Gulf


Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) border the Persian Gulf. With the exception of Iraq the above countries have come together to form the Gulf Cooperation Council. The council is tasked to unify these region on political and economic issues. Currently one of their main challenges is foreign employment. Due to the production of oil and the high number of industries in the Middle East their dependency on foreign labor is very high.


Types of Jobs in Gulf


Apart from having a large number of fishing grounds the Persian Gulf has extensive coral reefs and plenty pearl oysters. Industrialization and oil spills in the region have however crippled the areas ecology. The oil industry dominates in the Middle East and has employed a large work force. Industries have the lion’s share of human labor in the region. With most of the countries still young and not well equipped to handle the high rate of industrialization, the have resulted in hiring a lot of foreign labor.


Economy Jobs in Gulf


GCC’s economy relies a lot on oil. 2015 being one of the worst years for oil prizes, GCC’s experienced a major economic blow. Oil’s continuing slide, China’s slowdown, and the draining of liquidity have been Major economic concerns for the GCC. This effects on the economy are felt more by the small income employees.


Statistics for Jobs in Gulf


Statistics from previous years indicate that the number of foreigners employed in the GCC region supersedes the number of nationals employed by a big margin. There is no organized data of foreign and local labor from the GCC countries and that makes analysis of the same a bit challenging. However it is no secret that these countries host a huge number of immigrants mostly from Asia and North Africa. Some of the employee information has been shared with the respective governments on institutions webpages. The Migration Policy Center (MPC) and the Gulf Research Center (GRC) launched the Gulf Labor Market and Migration (GLMM) initiative at the European University Institute (EUI) whose main agenda was to gather, consolidate, clean and distribute statistics on Gulf labor markets. The reports indicated that foreigners constituted roughly 62% of Gulf region’s population. This directly translates to their share in the employment sector.


Kafala Sponsorship Jobs in Gulf


Kafala Sponsorship is a system that was set by the government in 1971 to consent nationals, expatriates, and establishments to employ migrant staffs. This system over time has been fighting for foreign employees and nationals posing several challenges to the UAE policy makers. Owing to this, the system has been very influential regarding employee policies in the state. The government of UAE capitalizes about $3,000 per foreign-born worker for maintenance of their national infrastructure and service.


Jobs in Gulf


With huge oil reserves; considering the high demand for oil in world market; the GCC economy thrives in the sale of this product and so does employment. Other sectors in this region that offer employment include; tourism, fishing, transport industry and agriculture just to name a few.

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