Category: Jobs in Germany

Germany is a nation which is known best by its growing economy. Are you looking for a job? If yes, you need to apply for the jobs in Germany. This is a place which is the hotspot for all job categories. The following are some of the jobs in Germany:

Seller support team supervisor Jobs in Germany

This is a job at Amazon Deutschland services ion Germany. It is a full time job. The company provides the applicants an opportunity to join a team which is multi cultured. The entire team is talented and it offers career paths which are multiple.

Responsibilities to be conducted by the supervisor

Reviewing and analyzing the metrics on performance.

Providing the associates with an understanding on the performance criteria and its effects on the seller’s experience.

Conduction of the seller’s interaction’s auditing.

He /she is required to provide couching to improve the performance of the company

Applying well his/her time management skills and work with minimum supervision.

Requirements for the job

The company requires a person who is;

Able to communicate in native Germany and English

Having a two years experience.

Having excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Easier to approach


Senior PHP Developer

The online shop at Limango is offering a job vacancy. This is a job in Germany which is based in Munich.

Responsibilities to be conducted by the senior PHP Developer

Bringing in ideas that can develop the shop.

Developing and optimizing functions which are new to the ERP system of the shop

Producing projects which are exciting such as EPR system internalization.

Integrating with the entire team, experience developers and the product owners.

Requirements for the job

Experience to develop e commerce application in standard PH

Able to speak on SQC Native

Able to optimize the IT processes for all departments

Having an experience on developments which are test driven and continuous integration

Able to work in a way which is structured and goal oriented.

With this Germany job, you will work with the modernized web frameworks and recent technologies. Not only enjoying the outdoor activities, you will also enjoy caffeine and soft drinks that we offer

If you are interested, apply now .Attach your letter of motivation and the remember to write the salary that you expect.

Key account manager-Library technology

This is one of the jobs in Germany. The following are the responsibilities to be conducted for the post;

Management of all accounts of clients

Identification of business opportunities

Analyze the requirements and processes of customers.

Maintaining records of sales with the aid of CRM


The applicant must come from Germany

He/she should have an experience in sales and accounting

He/she should have excellent interpersonal skills

The applicant needs to be customer oriented.

The three jobs in Germany are among several .You need to apply now to gain experience in your field of study.