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Jobs in France

Jobs in France

Jobs in France, like many other countries in Europe, France has its unemployment problems but there are still a number of well-paying jobs in France especially for experts in different fields. Here we are putting aside the usual jobs like teaching English or acting as a translator for English-speaking tourists. These top jobs in France are more exciting and actually pay more.

Working on a Luxury Yacht

The French Riviera has a multitude of luxury yachts and there are a number of opening in different fields. If you are an experienced sailor, for example, you can find a job taking the sails of a luxury yacht and this comes with a very good remuneration. If that is not your area of expertise, then there is the culinary department. There are quite a few job opening for chefs with experience cooking international cuisines. If you also have experience in the hospitality industry then you can get a job as a steward or stewardess on a luxury yacht in France. You can see what is on offer here

Kayak Instructor

For people who cannot stand the ordinary 9 to 5 desk job, this is a really great opportunity to have an adventure and make money at the same time. There are a number of rivers in France and every year thousands of people go to them to have fun. One of the common activities is water sport so if you are good at kayaking, you can apply for a job as an instructor and get paid for doing what other people pay to do


France and wine go together like a horse and carriage so naturally, you can get a jobs in France within the wine industry. If you think you have a good taste for wine and you know what exactly good wine should taste like, then you can get a job in France in one of the fancy restaurants where they hire Sommeliers to advise dinners on the best choice of wine. This job is really fun, you get paid to drink and tell people about drinking. You can check to see the requirements for such a job here

Freelance Writer

There is a lot of demand for writers who can write about France. A number of people are looking to find out more about France and so freelance writers can take that up. With so many cafes around France, you can sit down and write different articles and get paid for it. These Jobs in France usually focus on tourism as well as art and culture.

Personal Fitness Instructor

There are a number of wealthy people in France who would want to have a personal fitness instructor. If you are a trained professional you can just advertise your service or check the classified for people who are in need of personal trainers. Even for people who are not trained and qualified, it is possible to take up the course so that you can be certified. Obviously, it helps if you are into fitness as well.

These are just some of the dream jobs in France, but there are a number of other jobs you can find in different industries.


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