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There are a variety of different type of jobs in Dubai. If you do not currently live in Dubai, you will need to ensure that you acquire the necessary visa in order to stay there for the length of your employment. Before accepting a job in Dubai, it is especially important to ensure that you become aware and familiar with the cultural working differences.

What Types of Jobs Are Available in Dubai?

Dubai is currently thriving and growing economically. There are a variety of different types of jobs available in Dubai. There are jobs available because the country is growing. These types of jobs include construction workers, jobs in the shipyard business, tourism jobs, and hospitality jobs. Jobs that are being outsourced to other countries from the United States include call center jobs and IT jobs for companies such as IBM and Microsoft. The possibilities are endless when it comes to looking to start or further your career, or even just to embark on a new adventure and add a little flair to your resume.

What are the Differences of Accepting a Job in Dubai Versus the United States?

While some jobs in Dubai have similar office hours to the United States, some jobs in Dubai have implemented a split shift. This split shift is usually a morning shift from 8:00 to 1:00, then returning to work from 4:00 to 7:00. During the month of Ramadan, work days are shortened to six hours. Some companies apply this work schedule to all employees, other apply this to only Muslim employees.

Another difference between a job in Dubai and a job in the United States is the work week. While the weekend is considered Saturday and Sunday here in the United States, it is not in Dubai. Friday is the Muslim day of rest. Previously, Thursday and Friday were considered the Dubai weekend. That has now changed in many companies to Friday and Saturday instead.
Depending on the job in Dubai that you have chosen, the way that you dress may be different. For meetings, for example, it may be necessary to ensure your entire body is covered. In many offices, the dress code is usually more casual as well, to ensure you are comfortable while you are working. It is also not uncommon for business meeting to be held in a café as opposed to the office.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Job in Dubai?

Unlike the United States, Dubai does not have a personal tax. This means that income taxes are not applied against your paycheck when you work in Dubai. This leads to bringing home a larger net income.

While Dubai is an Arabic nation that is composed of Muslims, there are a variety of other religions and cultures there. Dubai is considered to be a cultural melting pot. Taking a job in Dubai will allow you to immerse yourself in learning about the many different languages, cultures, and religions that surround you.

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