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Canada Open Work Permit Eligibility


There is no limit to the amount of jobs in Canada that are available. Whether you are planning a permanent move to Canada or are just looking for a temporary change of scenery, there are several types of jobs in Canada available. You will need to secure the appropriate work visa prior to making your move. While it is possible to apply for and secure a job in Canada before moving there, keep in mind that it may be less challenging to do this after you have made the big move.


What Type of Jobs in Canada are Available?


There are a wide variety of jobs in Canada available. Job postings are listed online and can be found on the Canada Job Bank website. Currently, there are over one hundred thousand jobs in Canada available. The jobs available are similar to the jobs available here in the United States. From sales to office professionals, dental assistants to retail, there are jobs in Canada available for everyone.


How are Jobs in Canada Different From Jobs in the United States?


If you accept a job in Canada, you may be surprised by some of the differences between jobs in Canada and jobs in the United States. One difference that you will love is the vacation benefit. In most areas of Canade, there is a minimum requirement of two weeks of vacation time per year. While that is the minimum, many employers allow three to four weeks per year.


Because Canada is an entirely different country from the United States, the holidays that you have off will differ as well. The holidays differ slightly from one area to another, however, the most common nine holidays Canadian employees are entitled to are: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.


One of the biggest differences a job in Canada offers are the maternity, parental, and paternity leaves. The maternity leave for a pregnant woman is 17 weeks of unpaid leave, as long as you have met the length of service requirement. Both parents are allowed to take a leave of absence for 35 to 52 weeks; as long as the length of service requirement is met.


What are the Benefits to Working a Job in Canada?


There are several benefits to accepting a job in Canada. Some have already been mentions, such as the parental and maternity leaves, as well as the vacation time off per year. Another benefit of accepting a job in Canada is that it will make your resume look better. Working abroad will show that you are adventurous, able to work with other cultures, and adapt to your surroundings.


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